An EntrePReneur’s Big Risk! 

By: Mia Danielle

Moving to a new city can be scary…very scary. Starting your life over in a new place with new faces isn’t always easy. It’s even scarier when you’re moving to another state with no job, no apartment and only a few thousand dollars in your pocket. Yikes!

Most of you are probable asking yourself, “ Who would do a stupid thing like that? Why would you move to a new state so unprepared?”  The answer is ME!

taxi-cab-381233_1280Ever since I transferred to Jackson State University in Jackson, MS back in 2013, I started planning my move to Houston, TX after graduation. Although I had never been I had heard so many great things about the world’s 4th largest city that I had deemed it my fantasy destination in my head. Houston just seemed to be this new happening city with lots of job opportunity and excitement. Some were even calling it the new Atlanta!

Finally in December of 2015, I proudly walked across the stage as a summa cum laude mass communications graduate! But then reality set in. I needed a job and the thought of just uprooting to a huge city like Houston alone with nothing didn’t seem too appetizing.

In other words my fear of the unknown set in. Everyone around me was asking questions I didn’t have answers to. Where will you live? How will you make it? Can you survive in that traffic? So I opted for the safe route and took a bank job in Jackson. I told myself I would only be there 6 months and I would save money and get a job in Houston first before I moved. Those 6 months ended up being a year and a half and I was barely making enough money at the bank to save to move to my dream city. I became unhappy, borderline depressed with the direction my life was going. I wasn’t supposed to settle for working as a bank teller. I was a creative, talented individual with a degree! I was supposed to be in Houston mingling over mimosas with other young black professionals!

I began to feel sorry for myself and let those negative thoughts of what’s wrong with me? Am I not good enough? creep in. Then one day I opened my email and there was a message that read:

Are you willing to say yes to what God has called you to do? Are you willing to say goodbye to where you live now and move to the state he told you to go to? Are you willing to put obedience over everything else?


I read the message over and over wondering was this really a sign from God? Although I took heed to the message and started preparing my mind to take that step and applying for jobs, I stayed put in Jackson because I couldn’t see myself just jumping out into the unknown. Then the unthinkable happened. I came into work and was fired right on my 90-day evaluation. This was absolutely terrible timing because I was scheduled to move into a new apartment that same week. With no job I was forced to give up my apartment. I knew that going back home to live with my mom was not something I wanted to do and I didn’t know how long it would take me to get another job in Jackson, so per the advice of my Dad I packed up my car and drove 7 hours to Houston. Luckily I had a safe place to stay and money for gas and food. It has been a month since I’ve been in Houston and things have actually been going great.

Although I haven’t landed my dream job yet I have landed some interviews with great companies that I would have never have had the chance to meet had I stayed in Jackson. Pushing past my fear and stepping out on faith has caused me to grow tremendously. I’m doing all the things I thought I never could and it feels good! If there is something that you want to do in life I am speaking to you. Whether it’s taking dance lessons, going back to school for another degree or starting your own business, DO IT! Now is not the time to be scared. God is waiting for you to jump so that he can bless you. It may seem scary or even impossible at times but God is in control and he’ll never let you down. Try him!

Mia Danielle is a Jr Publicist at iGN PR & Co.