1. Please Introduce yourself. Business focus, Business name, etc…

Dr. Pullum has been called a Trailblazer, a Transformer, a Visionary, & The Chain Breaker. Her life’s mission to help women heal and grow their greatness by loving themselves and walking into their purpose! Dr. Pullum has an enlivening presence that compels people to stop allowing limits placed on them to hinder their growth toward becoming all that they have been destined to be. Dr. Pullum serves as the President of PullCorp Media & Business Consulting Group & Director/Executive Producer Puissance Maison Productions. She serves as a Vision & Business Strategist to many.  PullCorp Media and Business Consulting Group is a boutique PR, Crisis Management, Media, and Business Consulting Firm. Our elite clientele are individuals in the entertainment industry, small business, nonprofit, and corporations. Doing business since 2012. Serving clients globally. When we are involved, everything is handled. Through Puissance Maison Productions, Dr. Pullum creates a platform for women to share their stories of Triumph through the Arts. She is an extraordinary woman leading a life of purpose. Dr. Pullum oversees Creating Opportunities for Excellence Mentorship Academy through her family’s nonprofit, Center of Empowerment for Families & Youth, Inc.  COE Center of Empowerment for Families and Youth, Inc. provides educational, counseling, health & wellness along with mentoring services to victims of child abuse and other underserved populations considered low-income or at-risk families.

2. How did you get started? What made you want to pursue your business?

 A friend of Dr. Pullum noticed her business acumen and they asked her to manage their music career. She resisted at first, but ultimately relented and the more she got into it, the more she wanted to know, learn, and do the business. The business appeared very interesting to her.  She utilized her MBA, Corporate Management experience along with her career as a therapist to develop her business.

dr-p3. What are your top 3 reasons your industry/specialty is needed?

Currently, media and public relations have come to the forefront because of the 24/7/365 news cycle. You are always in the eye of someone who can relay that information to the media. Not everyone needs a manager, sometimes they need a coach or a mentor, so we can provide those services as well. The entertainment business does not have a “trustworthy” reputation, so having someone that you can trust and that you can be sure is there to support you is invaluable.

4. Being a  small business owner can be a bit intense. What is your motivation and inspiration?

 We are a Christian based business, and so this is a mission, assignment, and most importantly a part of our purpose.  Seeing clients reach beyond where they envisioned they could go, motivates Dr. Pullum and her team daily.

  1. Tell us about your average day. #BehindTheDesk

 Behind the desk with Dr. Pullum consist of conference calls, contract negotiations, handling media crisis, and meetings with clients, producers, staff, and partners.  Her day starts as early as 9 am and may end at 9 pm Tuesday Through Friday depending on her clients’ needs.   As a Consultant and Media Crisis Strategist, she must maintain a strict but flexible schedule. She tries her best to take her office meetings before noon, conference/strategy calls in the afternoon, & events in the evenings.

  1. What projects are you working on now?

 Dr. Pullum will be releasing her an anthology, Journey of The Chain Breakers, in September 2017. Dr. Pullum brings together three other phenomenal women to tell their story of tragedy to triumph. This manuscript is educational and inspirational and demonstrates examples of courage, faith, determination, and persistence. Proceeds from this manuscript go into Dr. Pullum’s humanitarian efforts of supporting youth and women to live out their destiny.  Dr. Pullum has been asked to do a reality show based upon her business. She is strongly thinking about pursuing that idea.  Through her philanthropy endeavors, Dr. Pullum will host The Mary Robinson Harris Christmas Angel Project through Center of Empowerment for Families & Youth, Inc. For donations, please email admin@coe4youth.org.

  1. How do you balance it all? Do you have personal goals and dreams you want to achieve?

As a wife, mother, and CEO, Dr. Pullum juggles all with ease and grace. God. Family. Business. (Strategically in that order) She makes sure she spends time with God daily.  Without Him, she would not be where she is today. When she is not providing crisis management or consulting with her clients, she spends it with her husband and children.  Dr. Pullum and her husband is a power couple who spends time making power moves not only in business but in their relationship. She explains that she stills dates her husband on a weekly basis. Dr. Pullum sets her business hours and sticks to them unless there is a client emergency. Her family understands the services that she provides, so they are fine with her schedule.  She makes sure that she sets aside a family day weekly. Dr. Pullum’s personal goal is to develop her online academy for entrepreneurs. She has initiated this process with her team. Dr. Pullum is planning The Chain Breaker Escape Retreat in South Africa 2018. She desires that her story would reach the nation and free those people who are living in bondage so that they can walk in their purpose.

8. PR insights is all about giving our perspective on certain topics to the world. Choose a topic of your interested and tell us your view point from the eyes of an Entrepreneur

Small business owners are viewed with a different lens that corporations or franchises. I have a client, who runs a catering company. She is extremely talented and big-hearted, constantly giving back to the community. Lately, she has run into a number of prospective clients who seem to have this expectation that because she is a small business, she is supposed to cut them some kind of deal or donation. If they engaged with Jason’s Deli or On the Border, or any major hotel chain for catering services, they would not be looking for the “hook-up”. They need to take her business as serious as any of these others, and she must enforce that with her clients, to get them to respect her business accordingly. So there is “re-education” needed on both sides, but patrons really need to come to businesses large and small with the idea of here is my budget and what I’m prepared to pay, and let the business decide if it wants to help or not.

16836236_1345196455548009_85380283510708472_o9. What advice would you give to Entrepreneurs, Entertainers, Lifestyle brands or small business owners?

Be Strategic. Be Transparent. Be Intentional. As a part of your strategic plan, Dr. Pullum says put yourself in a place where it is you would like to be. Build you a core team as your business and/or brand grows. You don’t climb mountains without a team, it must be intentional. She recommends that individuals get a mentor in the industry that their brand or business is affiliated with. Search for a mentor not only in your area of interest but one that will be transparent. Be intentional by setting up a road map (strategy board) for you to complete your goals successfully. Be Intentional by taking responsibility for your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being and freeing yourself from limiting what you can do. Be strategic, be transparent, & be intentional about being great!

  1. What Inspirational message would you like to share? 

 Her favorite quote: “Don’t Let Your Past Dictate Your Future.”

Dr. Pullum has shared her story and encouraged others to break the chains in their life with her best-selling memoir “Breaking the Chains: From Hurting to Healing” and her stage play “Breaking the Chains: It’s A Family Affair”.  So many times, we delay or never pursue our desires because of past or current circumstances.  Dr. Pullum says that it is easier for people to give up than putting in the effort to make their dream into a reality. She is a living witness by going through abuse and teenage pregnancy, not only did she exceed her goals but you can too. You can’t change your past, then you should change your path.

Dr. Pullum has been featured in Essence Magazine’s 2017 April Issue, The Boss Network Blog, & Black Enterprise Magazine.  She was a speaker for Bishop TD Jakes’ 2017 Megafest.  She is a charter member of the 100 Black Women Organization. Dr. Pullum travels the country advocating on the behalf of Sexual Assault, Human Trafficking, & Domestic Violence Victims.

To contact Dr. Catrina Pullum, email her at pmg@pullcorp.com or 225-366-7855