Wife. Mother. Pastor. Publicist. Publisher. Event Extraordinaire. Enaysha Thompson, MA, PRS affectionately known as Apostle Nae’, is quite the GEM. She’s a graduate of the University of the Pacific, Liberty University, and Full Sail. She holds a B.A., in Music Business Management/PR, a B.S. in Education/Psychology, and two Masters, one in Human Services Counseling and the other in Public Relations Strategies.

meet-the-thompsonsKnown for her “Spirit of Excellence.” She’s a lover of all things beautiful: God first, family, music, shoes, handbags, delicacies, the list could go on and on.

“I am a lot of things to a lot of people,” she shares confidently. First and foremost wife, to the incomparable Apostle Corey Thompson, mother to six amazing young adults, and spiritual leader; then, publicist/liaison for a distinctive group of Gospel artists, preachers, authors, speakers, and coaches; and just recently made CEO for ELEV8 Media Group, LLC. and Editor in Chief for both ELEV8 / RYZE Magazines.

She is to PR, what a conduit is to a dry place, a “fountain!” Assisting clients to obtain growth and recognition, she is well sought after for Godly representation. Making your story simply irresistible is both her joy and passion. She’s committed to giving people a picture of possibilities.

Her favorite quote: “Worry… compromises your joy, cramps your peace, and confines your freedom.” Trust God!”

To contact Enaysha “Nae” Thompson, email her at editor@elev8magazine.com.

Faith + Business | Enaysha Inspires to Elev8 Others! By Ronnika Ann,

How did you get started? What made you want to pursue your business?

I love communicating. Public Relations is a huge part of building any business or ministry. In its simplest form establishing relationships is at the center of every career. I began my love affair with PR in 2005 while dually enrolled at the University of Pacific, Stockton, CA. the original UOP, in Music Business Management and Public Relations. I pursued these areas after a stint in the music industry as an independent artist. There’s a great need to have clarity about the space you desire to occupy, I cannot stress education enough. I see it all the time, artists and individuals alike without the necessary foundation to build their “thing”.  Another reason we exist is to bring awareness to the myriad of spaces occupied by Christians, hence the lifestyle magazine ELEV8. In my experience, I found the need to create the avenue I wanted to place my clients in because there was a serious lack thereof.

What are your top 3 reasons your industry/specialty is needed?

We created ELEV8 Media Group, LLC. with the hope of offering mediums that represent Christendom in excellence. We often see a little space designated in say your Essence and Ebony magazines for sharing the believer lifestyle. Literally maybe three pages, in the back of the book. With this in mind, we established ELEV8, to convey our stories, our fashion lines, our business, etc. Most don’t know that we have a Christian Fashion week, or really successful business owners other than mega ministries. Lastly, we want to give the opportunity to those who need a space to convey their stories, testimonies, and experiences.

Being a small business owner can be a bit intense. What are your motivation and inspiration?

Legacy is my inspiration. I started all of my businesses with the thought of leaving my children a foundation that makes their dreams and aspirations a lot more tangible. We have three viable businesses, ministry, media relations, and wedding and event planning. We pastor Power Center International, which houses The Davidic Institute, an online school. We also have Blissful Wedding & Event Planners, and now ELEV8 Media Group, LLC. The intensity is encompassed in scheduling and management, as well as establishing a great core group.

Tell us about your average day. #BehindTheDesk

I live on the phone. I begin my day with meditation and prayer, followed by SM/email tasks as early as 4:00 AM.  Meetings with clients start around 10:00 AM, after my daily work out. My day’s really regimented, in that I would not be able to function without my calendar. As a manager/publicist, there’s never a dull moment, but I live for the chaos. Scheduling events, riders, travel arrangements, and correcting assignments when class is in. The great thing is I’m usually done by 3:00 PM and on to family time and or event coverage.

What projects are you working on now? Choose one! Tell us about your clients, books, blogs or upcoming events? (If you have an upcoming project please share?)

I am currently working a commemorative edition magazine for The Steeple Awards. We have the pleasure of going behind the scene to gain a direct look at the organization, the presenters, nominees, and the intent behind the entire event. Our coverage allows backstage access, interviews, and photos.

How do you balance it all? Do you have personal goals and dreams you want to achieve?

With intention, and strategy. My personal dream and desire is to move ELEV8 Media Group into the same playing field as notable organizations. We’re excited to add ELEV8 LIVE Radio and TV to our repertoire this year, giving independent artistry another opportunity to share their message.

PR insights is all about giving our perspective on certain topics to the world. What are the creative trends in the industry you specialize in?

Digital media has leveled the playing field for small businesses and made it easier than ever to drive measurable results with PR. But you have to understand how the game is played. I can’t stress that enough. Getting noticed by the right person or publication could truly catapult your company to the next level. The days of sending out scattershot press releases to big media companies are over. The game has changed, and so have the players. Today’s public relations is about reaching select influencers in appropriate ways. An influencer, for instance, a blogger who covers your niche, can be as valuable to your business as a leading newspaper, because he or she has the trust of your target group. It’s all about audience, yours and theirs.  It’s important to understand your target audience and build the necessary relationships amongst influencers.

What advice would you give to Entrepreneurs, Entertainers, Lifestyle brands or small business owners?

I would share the importance of a plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Cliché’ as it may sound, it’s so true… We must be intentional and strategic when operating a small business, we don’t have the finances and option to make many mistakes. Take every lesson and learn from them. Every day should be a step forward. Take your time. Establish great relationships, and understand networking is vital to your success.

What inspirational message would you like to share?

With God all things are possible, I know you’ve heard this before. But the truth is, “they really are!” There is no good thing that God will withhold from those that walk upright. I’ve learned the safest place to be, is the will of God. When we align ourselves with his perfect will, we find that our dreams and aspirations happen almost instantly. Why? Because we desire what he desires to give us.