Understand that your happiness will make you a target for miserable people. So pray for them because giving pain is not how they will heal their own pain.

The miserable blinds itself from seeing the good going on in your life because they have nothing good going on with their’s. Idolizing with ignorance you follow them to only be led with lies and deceits

Rising Action:
The miserable then will secretly prey over your journey and success but soon realize their thorns are showing and true intentions are becoming undisguisable.

Quietly you begin your journey to return home to continue your own purpose that was once left behind, causing them to bring hate towards you because their control no longer hovers over you.

Falling Action:
Realizing hate comes from a place of loneliness and misery, you pray for them quietly knowing that an attack only means that they actually do believe in you. Your faith is firm and you understand the hatred outburst only comes from a need of love and attention; so you feel sorry for them. However, you still can longer give them the help they are in need of……

Not wavering on your new direction, you then become the topic of the voice of the insecure publicly. The enemy now desperately seeks attention from the ones who are unfamiliar to the face behind the mask.

The enemy, however does not influence the wise and previous victims but only brings attention to your success, character, work and potential. With the proper procedures in place to quiet the misery, you begin to realize the true inspiration of the chapter.

Until your actions are noticed over the sound of the enemy, you will let your light shine, continue to grow and know that no one can control your destiny! You are now in preparation to begin your next level!!

To the next chapter! …..To Be Continued

– Ronnika Ann

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