Ronnika Ann – President

Welcome to the FIRST official Blog post of RA’s PR insights. Sure I know you see a few stories below but those are from our previous news source “inGENEus News”. inGENEus News was geared more to discuss celebrities and to generate views for my site in hopes to receive new clients. Basically free advertisement for myself. I’ve never been into gossip and celebrity talk so I knew inGENEus News would be temporary. It was mainly for the interns so that they could receive college credit and have something tangible to give to their teachers. But the way my vision was set up….inGENEus News was not for me.

It’s better that we all know our skills and PR insights is better because I ‘m good at giving advice, not telling you someone’s business. So let me explain to you the new reason behind my blogging…..

PR insights is not the place for you if you are looking for gossip. PR insights is the place for you if you are trying to find the reason for “what we call” publicity stunts, whether it being for a celebrity or current event. You can also come here to receive free tips for your brand or small business. You see I charge for consultations but I believe in giving you a taste of my knowledge and views before you cough up your money. I have a sincere passion for this field and I know I’m being directed in my purpose, So with that being said you can receive free tips here for “general purposes” in hopes you would schedule a consultation in the next tab for your specific brand and yes their will be a charge. Come on now be appreciative of what you will be given. 🙂 Lastly, you can come here for advice on how to manage your small business and all you need for your start up.

So yes we will have a little entertainment here and there (I don’t want to bore you) but also you can come and be educated. So lets just say I’m educating and entertaining. 🙂 So what should I write about first? I have a team of interns that will be writing as well but I wanted to do the honors and educate you guys for the first post.

Hmmmmm So why not talk about my field of Public Relations!!


Many people are so quick to hire a publicist because they think it will bring them fame and of course lots and lots of money. I’m a witness when I say that often we are asked to do things that management or agencies should do. So let me get down to the nitty-gritty of what Public Relations is….

PR is all about building relations to advance, promote and benefit the reputation for yourself, brand, small business, talent…etc. It is all about communicating your message to gain allies, advocates, supporters, media support in the community. Public Relations does not work without marketing. inGENEus is an integrated marketing company because we believe that you have to be branded before you are promoted. Even though marketing can deal with sales, we have to be the thought process between marketing and journalism. Every media we reach out to has to serve a purpose for your brand.

Public Relations can improve the reputation of your brand and can lead to strong community and industrial partnerships. The more PR you do the greater potential you have for media exposure. PR becomes stronger over time so if you are looking for a “quick fix” I’m sorry but you have the wrong goal in mind. PR also consist of Special events, special promotions, public affairs, internal relations, community relations, social networking, blogging and crisis management to name a few.

I can talk about public relations all day but I do not want my first post to be too long because I really want you guys to come back. So I will leave you with this, it is important to know your goal as a business owner and it is important for you to understand the purpose of the field you are requesting. PR can be fun but often it’s complex, unpredictable and we hear the word “no” so often that it becomes a word of motivation. We do not need the extra stress from our clients, so do us a favor and read, learn and understand what you are hiring. PR is not something that can be done over night but if done correctly you can have yourself a rememberable brand.

Happy PR searching and welcome to Ronnika Ann’s PR insights!! Enjoy and thanks for reading. 🙂