img_2342Please tell us about yourself and how you got started in Law!
My name is Stephen Vincent Bush, I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, and I run a solo law firm called VinceLegal, LLC, as well as a two-lawyer partnership with Neil Konn called Vincent & Konn, LLC. I specialize in civil litigation, including family & divorce law, and entertainment law, in addition to acting as an advisor to small businesses helping them incorporate, deal with employment, taxes, and general contract and business advice.
I originally went to law school after playing in and managing bands around the southeast, and I wanted to gain more business and legal expertise. The thrill of performing gave way to the business side, and I wanted something more stable in my hometown of Atlanta. During law school, I realized I had a knack for tax law, and had the opportunity to do a lot of legal work with family and divorce issues, in addition to entertainment work. I attended law school in New Orleans because of the artistic and unique culture down in the Delta.
What are the top three reasons why your industry is necessary: 1. At some point in anyone’s career, no matter their profession, you will be faced with legal issues that you don’t want to deal with and don’t know how to deal with, either because you didn’t know about certain laws, or a dispute arose from a competitor or former colleague (you really just can’t trust anybody, which comes naturally to lawyers :-)) . 2. The court system is disconcertingly complicated, and non-lawyers do not know the unspoken aspects of legal proceedings that are necessary for success; and 3. An entertainment lawyer allows professionals to focus on sharing their talent or growing their business without worrying about the mundane complexities of compliance with laws, and can usually help with expanding your network.
Being an attorney can be a stress job. What is your motivation?document-428335_1280
My motivation for choosing independence over job security is that I get to express my true self through my business, whereas in a big firm, you’re shackled to the ways and means. I will always be an artist at heart, and the way I’ve chosen to express that is by doing things my way. This includes customizing fees for each client, and ensuring that the focus is on the client and their personal endeavors over the paycheck. What are we all here for if not to live out our existence in the purest form possible? I may be a labinding-contract-948442_1280wyer, but by staying independent, I remain just another person living out his existence the way it was meant to.
But how do you balance it all. I can hardly stand thinking bout your average day. 
I balance it all by having Susan, the most amazing person in the world, as my wife.
So tell us what is your perspective on politics and law today?
Politics would always be a good topic to discuss. Given how divisive it is and what people become as a result of choosing sides, I choose to remain as apolitical as I possibly can. When practicing this, it’s easy to realize just how much more value every single human being has despite the sides and talking points they side with on facebook and in the polling booths. Both sides of the spectrum claim their principles are best for all humans in the long run, but in reality, we are not here for long, and what’s the point of spending so much time fighting over how our lives are to be governed when that time is slipping away? We are all human and life is not fair, but in the end, at least we get a chance to dance around for a bit. The dance we can control, but control over anything else is just an illusion.
What advice would you give any Entrepbookcase-335849_1280reneur or future Lawyer?
The advice I would give to any entrepreneur or entertainer (who are all entrepreneurs, really) is that there’s just as much chance at finding success 25 years after beginning as there is finding it within the first year, and if your heart is in the right place, timelines don’t matter. This doesn’t mean don’t adapt or remain inflexible since in the end we all have to pay bills, but as long as you are doing something that gives your talents a chance to flourish, you’ve won. Keep in mind, however, that the world will not always come to your aid for no reason, that the world can be cold, and that blind faith to an ideal despite consistent failure is not the same thing as allowing your talents to flourish; blind faith is nothing more than self-servitude when actions in service of that faith are not taken with the larger community in mind. It does not matter how long financial success takes if a person’s talents are fully expressed, but unless the collective community is the venue and the recipient, then you can’t call it a talent at all. Come together, listen, and let the world speak to you.
How can people contact you for hire?
Of course I am Stephen V. Bush, Esq. Partner at Vincent & Konn, LLC. Address: 1266 West Paces Ferry Rd. #411 Atlanta, GA 30327 T: (770) 402-1757 F: (404) 393-5744 They can also contact you of course to reach me.