It’s time again to highlight another business owner, who is killing the industry. I met Mena Wright two years ago when I had to work The Stellar Awards. I was hired with the opportunity to escort her clients down the red carpet. I was so excited! Not only was I excited to be at The Stellars, but I was excited to work for The Wright Productions. I have no shame to say that I admire hard working women and The Wright Sisters are no exception. Mena, Iyana, and Shantee are the hardest working women I know in event production. Don’t believe me? Just read my blog post on Mena Wright and follow her and her sisters on social media! Their story is one you want to follow!

How to Live Life Wright with Mena Wright, CEO of The Wright Productions. 

By Ronnika Ann,


Please Introduce yourself. Business focus, Business name, etc…

My Name is Mena Wright and I am one of the owners and Chief Experience/Executive Officer of Wright Productions and high end full service event production and brand management firm.

How did you get started? What made you want to pursue your business?

I ran my own non-profit organization on the side while I practiced commercial real estate, we started planning our own events and galas and guests started to ask us to plan theirs and it just took off. We are 100% complete referral.

What are your top 3 reasons your industry/specialty is needed?

wright-sisters-photo1. Our industry helps give our clients freedom and a peace of mind to focus on other things besides the little details that we take care of. 2. We help brands, businesses and people celebrate and who doesn’t love a great celebration 3. We help people create memories and experiences that add value to their lives and or business.

Being a small business owner can be a bit intense. What is your motivation and inspiration?

My motivation and inspiration comes from a larger remembering my “why” which is I want to leave something behind that not only my family and kids can be proud of but that can help them in accomplishing their dreams, you know giving them a solid foundation to build on because I did not have that. I also want to inspire other women to go out a live their dreams no matter their circumstances or background. SO its larger than myself, I am motivated and inspired by other people; women and family especially.

Tell us about your average day. #BehindTheDesk

I wake up and meditate before anything. I then spend a couple of hours answering emails, I try to block off time for that at the beginning of the day and then in the afternoon. I then meet with my team to go over projects we are working on, then I am off and headed to meetings and more meetings. After meetings I follow up on calls or make calls and answer more emails. When in production I may have to do site visits and meet with vendors. My work also requires me to travel a lot and attend events to network.

What projects are you working on now?

We are working on a rebranding campaign for one of our beauty clients and also experiential activations for one of our VIP/Celeb clients to support her new book.

How do you balance it all? Do you have personal goals and dreams you want to achieve?

I meditate everyday. I find time to sit still no matter what is going on to put it all into perspective. I also take time to re-charge b/c health is wealth. I use to be an extreme workaholic but now I take time to spend with family and friends and I create boundaries that allow me to have a healthy work/life balance…. most of the time. At some point in my career I would like to start speaking more, write a book and do more consulting but my personal dream is to travel the entire world. I feel like you have to get out and see the world to really grow and expand as a human being.

wright-sisters-photo-2What advice would you give to Entrepreneurs, Entertainers, Lifestyle brands or small business owners?

Believe in yourself and have faith; you must know and believe unwavering that you will succeed and that will help carry you through the tough times. Make sure you have a plan and don’t be afraid to re-work that plan as many times as you need to while you grow in your business. Have patience this will not happen overnight, it is when most people give up and quit that they were just one small step away from their big break…. don’t give up. Focus, don’t be a jack of all trades start out with a max of 3 three areas that you focus on then expand as you grow and get more comfortable being an entrepreneur. Love what you do, don’t chase the check…. that will eventually get really old and you will burn out… really love and have passion for what you do. Last make sure you surround yourself with people who are smarter than you… your team should have gifts and qualities you don’t. This will make your life so much easier in the long run.

What Inspirational message would you like to share?  

Live Life Wright, Be in the flow with life and have fun… it goes by really fast and you only have this one life to live so don’t take it too seriously…. trust your instinct and let God, The universe or whatever higher power you believe in guide you.wright-productions-logo-hi-res

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