Before you pursue anything in life, you should set goals. What are you going to do to get to the next level in life? When I was granted with the iGN Public Relations internship, I set goals from day one. I knew that an internship would help me gain more experience and possibly land me a job, so I did not take anything lightly.

From the beginning, I caught onto the business structure. Everything was done a certain way, saved in a specific folder, and checked by a particular email address. Without being asked, I studied that structure on my own to gain more insight on the business. I was only hired to do social media at first, but I was willing to do more to receive more.

During the learning process, I made A LOT of mistakes. Sometimes I felt like giving up or not being surprised if Ronnika let me go, but she never did. She saw something greater in me than I saw in myself, and I will forever cherish that going forward. Now we have a team, new interns, and potential/current clients that I’m the first point of contact for. These things would have never happened if I gave up.

I have genuinely cared about this business since I was hired on the first day. The drive, passion, and unwillingness to quit is what lead me to the full time position as the PR Account Executive for iGN PR today.

In life, you can’t just think about the right now. At the time of my internship, I signed a three-month unpaid contract. I was offered a job after completing my three months, but I declined because I did not feel that I was ready. Now you’re probably saying, “Orionna, that’s crazy!”, but it was true! Before I decided to get paid to work for iGN, I wanted to make sure that I could do everything in my power to help the business grow. After taking the paid job the second time, I can honestly say that I’ve had a part in the company’s growth.

To me, that’s what matters most: Make Sure You’ve Made an Impact and Don’t Take Anything Lightly. The company will eventually see how your work impacted the growth, and they will not want to lost that.

I took advantage of every company opportunity given, and I did not take maybe for an answer. My goal was to gain more skills and insight to the PR industry. I have received all of that and more thanks to iGN PR.

Thanks for reading!

-Orionna Brumfield