It’s important for you guys to understand the value of Great PR! It looks easy but branding, marketing, content building all must take place in order for your PR campaign to make sense. Branding itself takes months. So do not put the pressure on yourself or brand/PR manager to produce in an unrealistic time.

Timing, perseverance and many many years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success. Social media has created a world where we are comparing our selves to the next not really knowing what’s going on behind doors or in real life.

Did you know Beyonc√©’s publicist page is private and she has less than 10k friends? That’s because a brand is effective when relationships and a foundation is formed using attention, strategy and consistency.

Stop trying to take the easy way out. Enjoy the process and trust your strategy or just hire an amateur. You will then understand the feeling of wasting time and money! Time is precious for the professional so please do us a favor. #DontPlayBusiness #BeBusiness

If you are not willing to stay committed to a contract or strategy do not waste your publicists time. Trust me, if you have a good one they are working over time and not being paid enough to produce what is really needed for your brand.

Today’s lesson: Everyone wants the title but no one wants the journey or the responsibility!

-Ronnika Ann