The Natural Girl vs. The  World

By Gabrielle Baker

As I slowly strutted into the office all eyes fell on me. My long legs, glowing chocolate skin, and my natural curly kinks fell softly upon one another. I had the upmost confidence that I would receive the job that I was interviewing for. As my interview came to an end the interviewer’s last question was “You’re a great candidate, but is could you be more modest with your hair?” “It looks great; however, it could be deemed distracting by other colleagues and administration.” I simply said “Of course. Modesty plays a role in the business world. Thank you and have a great day.”

Now I know you’re all thinking “Girl, you’re really going to sit here and let this company just run over you like that?”

Of course not. I did not accept the job offer. I just couldn’t work for a company that would make a big deal about my natural hair. IT’S MY HAIR! FROM MY SCALP!

As women of color we shouldn’t have to worry about if our hair is modest or straight enough to work in the business world. Respectively, I have a few tips just to help with your “unmanageable” tresses.

1. YouTube is your BEST FRIEND!

From that moment you know you have an interview you should have a picture of how you want to look that day. Before I actually cut my hair I would’ve told you to just get a sew in or pop on a wig, but not today. I graduated from “YouTube University” which has taught me more about hair than the cosmetology class in high school. There are so many channels specifically dedicated to natural hair and you can even look at videos dedicated to your hair type. I would have never thought that there would be so many styles for MY hair. Take the chance to explore new things with your hair. You have time so take advantage.

Some YouTube channels to start your journey:

  1. aliciajamesmusic.
  2. Taren Guy.
  3. CharyJay.
  4. Naptural85.
  5. HairCrush.
  6. MsVaughnTV.
  7. Sadora J.
  8. NikkiMae2003.

2.  Dont Compromise

You are who you are. God made you in his image, so don’t be afraid of your natural! With the decline in relaxer sales over the past few because of black women accepting flaunting their flawless curls and coils, you can be confident in your hair texture. Yes, this is a job you want, but would you actually compromise your loyalty to yourself? Think about that for a moment. India Arie said it best “I am not my hair…I am the soul that lives within.” There are more opportunities, more jobs, and you could even become an entrepreneur. Do not compromise!

 3. Be Patient!

These styles don’t always work out the way you want them to. The products that you try out may not work with your hair type. You have to remember there are a myriad of other products and you will only get better if you practice. My bomb twist out did not come over night. It took practice and three different products for me to get there. It only gets better!


FINALLY!! Never, Never, Never give up on your hair!


Gabrielle Baker is a Social Media Coordinator at iGN PR & Co.